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Milagros Ruíz Bello Martínez Arámbula 

Intuitive healer Milagros Ruiz Bello Martinez Arambula comes from a lineage of healers. Her gifts started surfacing at the age of 5 and later her visionary abilities returned when she made the decision to answer the call. Some consider her to be a jack of all trades. She chooses to use this designation to her advantage. 


A love of music has always played a huge role in her life with over 25 years of experience. She often creates healing music during her meditations and curative ceremonies. As she puts it, “Mother Earth takes over and guides my voice and drum.” 


Overall, Milagros considers herself to be a perpetual student. Her great grandmother practiced the ways of the Aztecs and although her ancestor leaves big shoes to fill, Milagros is taking on the challenge wherever it may lead her. 


In her spare time she likes to create medicine bags and other crocheted items. She enjoys making custom drums and other ceremonial pieces as much as creating music. She connects with Pachamama by spending time in nature.


Her mission is to help people remember their true roots as she continues to learn about her own. She aspires to become increasingly educated about different cultures and healing modalities in order to better understand and relate to all the inhabitants of this planet. 


“I am you, you are me, we are one.”

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